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Why is .TOP domain one of the only FOUR new gTLDs approved to be built website with in China?

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, or MIIT, regulates the domain and website industry in China. Any website needs to use Chinese internet servers will have to be put on record with the organization. Over the years, only four new gTLDs (non-IDN) have been approved, luckily .top is one of them. Although “top” is an English word, it can be understood in many areas in the world besides China. It is short, easy to type and conveys upbeat meaning, the most suitable TLD for better branding. These are a few of the reasons why .top domains are so supported and liked by world wide domainers, domain investors and website administers. You have missed .com, do you want to miss .top as well?




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