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What Not To Do When Selling a Domain

By Michael from DomainingMichael.com.Mar.14, 2013 in Domaining, Domaining Advice, General Domaining


I was searching for a domain name recently on godaddy. It was for a project of mine and I didn’t really need to have the top notch domain so I wanted to find and hand register a domain.

I went to godaddy and started trying out different phrases and the keywords that I wanted. After a few tries, I saw a green highlight, but then it said that the domain is in godaddy’s auction. It was listed for $100 as min offer.


While, I didn’t need to buy a domain for this project, I liked this domain and said what the heck, so I placed a $100 bid. I do admit that it was a good domain for the price.


I knew that I would get a counter offer, but my guess was that it would be in 100s since his listed price was $100.


By the way, I do come across to many auctions that have higher listed min price and if it’s outside of my budget, I don’t waste time.


So long story short, the guy sent the counter offer. Can anyone guess how much the counter offer was? try min * 1000. Yes, he sent a counter offer for $100,000


So here is the tip of the day, if you want higher price for your domain, don’t list it for a penny and then ask for a million. It would never work. It would be ok if you just state “make offer”. That’s fine, then you can counter whatever you want. But you’re setting wrong expectations when you have an actual # and then your counter is not even close to your asking min price.


hope everyone is having a great day :)

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