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When to Sell Your Domains as a Portfolio

Posted on April 3, 2015 by Victor Pitts


Above.com is the industry leader when it comes to supporting portfolio sales.

With the recent introduction of our new portfolio sales feature, a question we often encounter is, “How do I know when it is appropriate to sell my domains as a portfolio as opposed to individual listings?”

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple. The decision to sell as a portfolio or as an individual listing depends upon whether combining the domains increases the chances of selling the domains, or if the grouping of domains increases the value of the domains of the portfolio.


Here are a few suggestions for combining domain names to be sold as portfolios instead of individual listings:


Bundles of domains with related names or phrases may be good candidates for portfolio sales. For example, if you have multiple domains such as shoestore.com, shoestores.com, and shoestore.net, etc., it is recommended to sell those domains as a portfolio. They would be worthwhile selling as a portfolio as buyers may have interest in purchasing multiple variations of similar keyword-based domains.


It would also make sense to bundle domains that follow a common theme into a portfolio. One could sell a portfolio with domains such as dogfood.co, cattrees.net, howtotrainyourdog.com or other keyword or phrase domains related to pet care.


Another consideration to make is if the domains get a fair amount of traffic. Each of those high-ranking domains can then be bundled together and listed as a high-traffic portfolio. Seasoned investors know that the more traffic a domain receives, the higher the interest will be.


Lastly, some of the most common and best performing types of portfolios we see are .COM, .ORG, and .NET bundles. These are good options for those with large portfolios of unrelated or lower-performing traffic domains.


The best part about buying and selling through the above.com Marketplace is that traffic statistics can be viewed at the domain level (if available). All of the data is Verified by Above which means that we report on the statistics we collect, allowing for further transparency and reassurance while bidding on or purchasing a domain portfolio. No longer will you need to endure comparing apples to oranges while making a business decision.

If you would like more information about Above.com’s portfolio support, visit the Above.com Marketplace or contact our support team.

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