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What .TOP Domains Are Chinese Professional Domainers/End-users Investing

Recently, a survey has been done on the investment of .top premium domains in China. Below is a brief summary of some professional domainers and their valuable .top domains which will continue to increase in value.

Domainer/Financial investor from ShangHai (nickname: A1688): owning A.top, G.top, P2P.top, IOT.top, Che.top and Le.top, among which P2P.top has received offers for more than 10 times.

End-user from automobile industry in BeiJing: owning C.top and CDA.top

Domainer from ZheJiang Province: invested in .com at early time, now invested in single number .top domains like 1.top and 9.top

Domainer from ShenZhen: invested in lots of NNNN.top and area code .top domains, also the one who sold Top.top in aftermarket at million yuan.

End-user: owning Buy.top and Vip.top,

Domainer from ShenZhen: owning mm.top

Domainers favoring number: invested in lots of NNN.top,

Domainers favoring two-tier pinyin: invested in Qiche.top and Qipei.top

Domainers favoring generic ones: 360.top and other NNNN.top domains

Domainers favoring two-tier pinyin: snatched lots of two-tier pinyin .top domains

Overseas domainers: owning more than 3000 .top domains, with accumulated transaction amount of 33,500EUR on Sedo

.TOP domains have attracted great attention from domainers and end-users, which echoes the motto: TOP domains, TOP brands. Other domains used by end-users are Efun.top, Howo.top, Chinav.top, etc.

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