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Investing in 55.top, 77.top and 58.top to Compete in Advanced Market

Recently, a domain investor from Shaanxi has purchased three double-digit .top domains——55.top,77.top and 58.top.

As reiterative digit domains, 55.top and 77.top can be read smoothly and are easy to remember, having great advantage of directing web traffic. Digit domains have high recognition around the world and can be applied to establish any website without limitation, which are always popular with domain investors and end users. 55.top and 77.top are used for many end-users:55.top for 55海淘(overseas purchasing,55BBS and 窝窝团(group buying;77.top for 77电视(television),77影院(cinema).

58.top is easily associated with 58同城, a famous classified information  website in China; and 58 has the implication “我发I get richwith good recognition either. Besides 58同城, 58.top can be used for 58动漫(animation),58Game and 58小游戏(webpage games);

It is reported that a senior investor purchased these domains also owns xaj.com, 2267.com, 7842.com and 2922.cn etc.As a gTLD, .top develops rapidly within one year after the launch, with more than 220,000 registrations. And a growing number of .top domains are being used by end users, so the investor chooses this extension and feels fully confident for its future development. That’s also the reasons why he purchases 55.top, 77.top and 58.top without hesitation.

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