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Digit Domains Spur New Investment Storm in Domain Circle

The 1st Featured .TOP Premium Domain Auction dropped its curtain last week, yet the successful ending didn’t hold back domain investors’enthusiasm in investing real premium domain, especially digit ones including area code. For example, the mind blowing 112.top, 118.top and 338.top were purchased by domainers recently.

This is not a big surprise as numeric domains of AAB type have always been popular among domainers and end-users due to their impressive appearance and smooth pronunciation. Besides, all these domains contain the lucky number “8”, which indicates a good meaning of “fortune”and has great value in domain market. Other domains like 88.top, 168.top, 888.top etc were all gone to domainers.

112 is the only free telephone number that can be dialed with a GSM cellphone without a sim card. It is a platform for testing cell phone performance, also called Emergency Call Center. 112 is also the emergency phone number in EU. 112.top is easy to remember, to type in and also has a wide application scope.

Besides 118.top, 338.top and 112.top, the investor also purchased 55.top, 77.top and 58.top earlier. He is the owner of xaj.com, 2267.com, 7842.com and 2922.cn as well.

0714 and 0715 are area code of Huangshi Hubei province and Xianning Hubei province. These consecutive area codes are purchased by domain investors recently. As they are distinctive in regions, familiar to local people and attract traffic. Wise choice for building websites for shopping, business, local web portals and real estate etc with great potential to appreciate.

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