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Google vs BMW’s Alphabet.com with Alphabet.top

It’s comfirmed that Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc registered alphabet.top defensively on 14th Aug 2015. The popularity, perspective, meaning of .top domain once again helped high end company Google to compete in the branding fight.


Alphabet.top might be a direct entrance to Google parent company’s website, becoming one more .top live site of big brand.


Alphabet chose abc.xyz over .com and registered alphabet.top right after. New gTLDs have gained an upper hand over .com along the way. Branding feature of .top domains becomes more prominent.


BMW owns a company providing auto service, and its website is alphabet.com. And this was bad news for Alphabet Inc, but luckily they had alphabet.top. Alphabet and BMW will start a new round of battle in brand protection, in which the literal meaning of Alphabet.top incisively shows Google’s aggressiveness, surpassing attitude and strength.


Google Inc ranks No.1 in search engine market and chrome ranks No.3 in browser market, supporting the application of new gTLDs. So far, it has registered google.top, chrome.top, gmail.top and alphabet.top, an indication of its strategy in brand protection. In addition to Google, many other brands also have taken .top domains like Apple Inc, Yahoo, OTTO, Baidu, etc, so do many other emerging new business.


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