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Sedo Recommends More Transparent and Fair .TOP Domain Market

As the world's leading trade platform for domain names, Sedo offers a powerful trading system upon which you can conduct trading by yourself, convenient and fast. It has over 200 million global users and web versions in more than 20 languages.

Sedo provides fair and transparent bidding for premium domains including .top. It strictly prohibits domain bids from the owner’s friends, relatives or other social connections to seek the opportunity to start the auction or to bid up prices. Once such cheating behavior occurs, both the buyer and seller’s account will be blocked.

In order to make .top pricing more fair and transparent to the public, Sedo has conducted rationalize domain valuation and public auction for premium .top domains.

As one of the most desired extensions among domain investors in or outside China, .top has gained great attention since its GA. It is easy to find premium .top domains displayed on Sedo, many of which have great potential in value increase and application such as brand building. With Sedo’s global influence and .top’s increasing popularity, .top overseas market is expanding with good momentum in addition to its solid Chinese market. Besides, large companies consecutively registered their trademark .top for brand protection like Casio.top, Apple.top, Hitao.top, Google.top, Otto.top, etc and new emerging companies choose .top as their official website like Top.top, Buy.top, Efun.top, etc.,which in turn inject new vigor in .top domains transaction and echoes the motto “.TOP Domain, TOP Brand”.

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