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Casio.top - Luxury Products Combined with .TOP Brand

Japan's leading electronic equipment company Casio recently registered casio.top to further enhance its brand and expand global influence.

Founded in 1946, Casio is a brand company producing electronic equipment and electronic calculators. It has been committed to the R&D of electronic computing products with world-renowned performance and excellent quality. Casio's current products include calculators, electronic watches, electronic musical instruments, LCD TVs, etc.

Casio most well-known product is Casio watches, which is a collection of high precision, advanced technology and innovative watch technology. It has deeply-rooted people’s heart with what the brand presents: vitality, youth, fashion, multi-function, etc.

As a world-renowned enterprises, Casio values brand protection and it’s no surprise that they registered casio.top due to the fact that .top not only echoes their “high-end”image, but also in line with the Casio innovative concept, namely, to seek technological breakthroughs. From this aspect, Casio.top is a tailored perfect domain name.

.Top domain, in combination with products and industries, is perfect for branding. With its popularity among end-users, the price of 4N.top, 5N.top and 4L.top(consonants) booms and continue to rise, accordingly, short and real premium .top domains are hot pie for domain investors.

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