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Recommended by ICANN, new gTLD .TOP Has Worldwide Users

The latest data from ntldstats.com shows that as of October 12, 2015, .top domain registration broke 550,000, ranking second in the world's NTLD market.

Recently, .top domain has experienced a rapid-growth phase. The total amount of .top domain registrations increased 246,000 in a week, from 23rd to 29th September. With the sharp rise of .top domain registrations, the territory of .top domain users has expanded again. Based on Nic.top .top domain users are from over 133 countries and regions. The registrations of overseas registrars have risen a lot lately including Ru-Center, Alpnames, GMO, ResellerClub etc. And the overseas market has expanded further.

In the report and research of .top domain market, ICANN stated: like .com, .top domain is a global top-level domain. , which is short and easy to remember. It is simple, optimistic and positive, which can help enterprises to create "top" brand image and occupy a favorable position in the competition. The influence of .top domain is penetrating all over the world.

As the industry benchmark, .top domain is combined with the brand and can match any business perfectly, thus laying a broad application base and driving the booming of .top domain investment market.

It’s reported that .top domain has become the main trend, many .top domains have been changed hands by domain name trading platform, QQ group and other channels. Frequent trading ignited investor’s enthusiasm for investing .top domains.

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