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.TOP Domains Penetrate Emerging and Traditional Enterprises with Global Registration 580,000

According to the updated figure of ntldstats.com shows that as of November 3rd 2015, the total registration of .top has broken through 580,000 and the specific number is 581,502, which still ranked second in new gtlds.

With the sharp rising of .top registrations, the territory of .top users get the fully expanding. The official data of nic.top reflects that .top domain users have spread all over the world including 133 countries and regions and the channel partners have reached more than 1,000. The overseas registrars is still in a sustainable growth phase and overseas channels will get further improved.

As we all know, putting domain in use is the best destination for domains. And .top goes the enduser route, adhere to the concept that using is king. Along with the popularity increasing, more and more enterprises and startups put an attention on .top. According to Name.top platform reports: Recently, Shenzhen Pengrui Information Technology Co., Ltd. officially take www.wiz.top as the main website .Pengrui as a leading supplier which providing engineering lifecycle solutions and products, choosing .top domain as their site represent the spirit of keeping making progress and aiming at the pursuit of excellence goal.

According to the report on Name.top, the national tour of “Long Time No See- 2015 Yumi Network Tea Party” was held in Chengdu city, the “Land of Abundance”. .TOP Registry, domestic registrars and domain name investors gathered together to share experience in domain investment and domain market data with each other. On October 31st, 2015 Hubei Internet Entrepreneurs General Assembly was held in Wuhan city, .TOP Registry co-discussed with website owners and entrepreneurs on internet business opportunities and prospects. .TOP was frequently invited to various meetings to share the development trend of new gTLDs.

 With .top users expanding, more and more domain name investor were attracted to domain circle and .top aftersales market is active on Registrar transaction platform, QQ Group, Wechat, etc, which further ignited investors’ enthusiasm in .top domain names.

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