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Registerations break through 820,000, .top is getting to the top

According to ntldstats.com latest data shows that up to November 12th ,2015, the registration of .top has reached 829,181, which is still rank second in Gtlds.

Recently, the registrations of .top domain name rose sharply. On November 6th, .top set a new record for 136,000 registrations in a single day. Based on the Nic.top’s data last week also showed that the total registrations of .top has a net increase of 240,000 around ten days, which proves that a large number of domain investors bring a lot of money into .top domain market.

As far as .top domain market, with the interactive of various .top types, 5N .top domain name price has risen 20 times. Such huge profits make many domainers flock to .top domain market. Moreover, 4N .top domain name has risen as 5N .top grows and will step in high-end domain name. Statistics shows that the types and quantity of registrations prove the rhythm of market will be faster and faster.

With the sharp risen of .top , the territory of .top users has expanded a lot. According to nic.top official data, the .top users have sprinkled all over the world including 141 countries and regions. And the channel partners reach more than 1,000. What’s more, the .top overseas registrars is continued to grow, which providing a broader space for .top developing

The .top is seek to provide high quality service for enterprises and the good meaning of .top is accepted by many end users. Recently, an electric commerce comprehensive platform named NiuMei E-shop took niumei.top as their website, which is matching with their brand. And it will bring them advantages to attract more customers. More and more enterprises and startups will focus on .top for the popularity of .top.

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