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Domain Transactions Report on December 13th, China

Data collected from Ename and 22.cn by zxh2081, and edited by Yafei Zhang

By 19:00 13th December, 3275 domains had been transacted on during day from Ename and 22.cn, with total transaction amount 1,250,240CNY, comparing to 4776 domains and 1,192,452CNY on the previous day.




Until today the most active extension is still .top. Since we began tracking the new gtlds on West.cn, Ename, 22.cn, 4L premium .tophas beenon the top of the list all the time. The data in this report is only limited to popular letter or/and number combinations, word, phrase or Pinyin are not included. To follow the domain sales information in Chinese market, please stay tuned with www.nic.top/en and follow us on Twitter @Top_Registry


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