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Conference of IDC Companies & Domain Investors

On January 9, 2016, invited by Jiangsu Bangning Group, a hundred IDC companies and domain investors came to Nanjing to discuss the development of IDC industry and TLD .top, analyze industry revolution and explore new opportunities in the industry to achieve win-win cooperation.

Mason Zhang, Global relationship manager of .Top Registry

With the pun meaning of the subject - .Top of the World, Mason perfectly interpreted the status of .top domain in the world, that .top belongs to the world, and will help enterprises using .top to build their brand image of getting to the top of the world. Top is globally recognizable, and it is still in the same spelling and meaning in at least another 22 languages. Global registrars from five continents have .top registered from every populated places in the world. Companies from different industries use .top domain to show their customers that they want their products and service to be topnotch. The upcoming IDN release will further increase the market share of the TLD.

LIN Fuzhong, CEO of Winiis

The leading figure in the Internet industry, LIN Fuzhong during speech Information Security in the Era of Big Data introduced data security in case of big data and security issues in IDC, and shared measures for common security issues. XIE Yongdong, CEO of yumi.com shared his opinion on the future development and trend of domain industry in 2016 with a summary for the 2015.

Expert Opinions

"How to transform our service in the current IDC market crevice?"- This topic drew enthusiastic discussion. Most traditional service providers said that with the increased competition within the IDC industry, especially in domain names, the market has changed a lot, and needs to grasp the market dynamics, improve service, marketing strategy, and enhance cooperation between strong enterprises to seek long-term development.

Internet service providers noted that the domain name in 2015 led by .top made excellent progress, and the post-market growth will be stronger. As for future development of .top domain, the guests reached a consensus that it needs to continue increasing popularity, help more individuals and businesses to use.top domains, and look forward to its new heights in 2016.

CHEN Jie, Domestic marketing director of Bangning

CHEN showed the 2016 marketing plan for domain name business, .top domain and website building service.

Gathering of .top friends

Thanks for everyone that paid attention for .top in 2015, we will go through thick and thin with you in 2016 to achieve win-win cooperation.

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