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Surpass .biz, .top being the 6th most registered gTLD.

According to the latest data shown on ntldstats.com, the registrations of .top will exceed 2.3 million soon with 2,299,167 currently.

The data displayed from domainpunch.com, .top has become the 6th gTLD globally by surpassing .biz. It is also the first new gTLD in domestic ranking among the global gTLD.

The registrations of .top has been increasing for a long time. From the weekly data, the number of new registered .top domains is more than 15 thousand each day. In the .top registration market, the oversea market has occupied over 20%. Currently, it has reached 21% and will still keep the strong tendency. At the same time, the domestic market occupies 77.9% and the registrations keep the steady growth.

Among that USA takes much more shares than other countries, accounting for 8.3%. According to the data, the daily increase of USA users is 30% with rapid increasing. It can be seen that the popularity of .top is continuously improving in Internet developed regions.

The opening of new gTLDs brings competition and innovation in Internet domain service. As the most popular international gTLD in domestic, the rapid rise of .top shows that it has a large amount of user demands. At present, .top is active in over 244 countries and regions in the world. It also means the influence of .top extends overseas and .top has attracted more investors’ and end-users concerns.

As the second new gTLD in the world, .top has considerable registrations. Ranking 6th in gTLD with 2.3million registrations. On the basis of the trend, the registrations will exceed 3 million and struggle for being the 5th gTLD in the world.

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