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Internet Market Index shows: .top domain’s applications ranked fourth in China.

According to the Internet Market Index released by Chinese Internet association on January 9th, 2018. .top domain’s application ranked fourth after the old domain names: .com,.cn and.net. At the same time, .top domain name is also the only new gTLD on the list.


The Internet market index using comprehensive analysis method. From five aspects of website access fever, service technology, network security, social supervision and third party indicators, it made a comprehensive, classified and quantitative assessment of the current development of 5,260,000 websites in China. The report is highly authoritative.


The report shows that by the end of 2017, the number of Chinese websites reached to 5,260,600 the website organizers reached to 4,016,500 and 7,096,900 domain names have been used.Among the domains used by the websites, .com accounted for 59% of the total, .cn accounted for 28%, .net accounted for 5%, .top accounted for 2%, .cc domain name and .org each accounted 1%.


.top became Chinese fourth domain name in three years of development ,it not only shows the highly recognition of the.top domain name, but also reflects the rapid development of Chinese Internet and the large demand of the market, which is a great opportunity for the development of the new top-level domain represented by.top domain name.


.top domain name is easy to remember, easy to understand and high degree of recognition. Its positive meaning helps to enhance the user's brand value and reduces marketing costs. It has been widely used by the global users. At present,there are over?3,800,000 registrations?of .top and?overing 247 countries and regions?in the world.


With the acceleration of convergence of China's Internet industry and the rise of new industries,.top domain names will surely attract more and more individuals and business users to use.contribute to the development and transformation of China's Internet industry. .top domain name will contribute to the development and transformation of China's Internet industry!


More details of the report to please check Chinese Internet Association official website www.isc.org.cn

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