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BlockChain platform All was launched and all. top was enabled.

The blockchain concept has been spreading globally at an alarming rate since it was first proposed in 2008. At present, due to the early entry and deep research of blockchain technology in China, China mobile payment has been in a leading position with the rapid development of the block chain technology.


So far, the characteristics and differences of the block chain technology in each district are changing rapidly everyday, and more block chain technology is born. In this context, block chain platform ALL came into being. It is worth mentioning that ALL platform has launched a very loud domain name all.top, which is very compatible with the platform from the perspective of meaning or brand. The implementation of all.top once again confirms the recognition of.top domain names by block chain industry, because many block chain platforms have registered and enabled.top domain names before.


Why block chain terminals prefer to use.Top domain names? The leader of all.top project said that .top domain name as an international generic top-level domain name, in 2015, In 2015, China's Ministry of industry and Commerce approved the registration and use of domestic individuals and businesses. Besides, China's chain industry is actively building global influence. ALL as a new project will take globalization as the main goal, so.top domain name will become their first choice for registration.


Therefore, it can be seen that the block chain platform choose .top domain name, with the simple and easy to remember and positive meaning of top domain name, global general attributes, domestic can record and other advantages are inseparable.


ALL was founded by Cui Meng, the first participant and promoter of the domestic block chain. In 2015, Cui Meng created a GuoRenBao. After that, Achain project was developed, which accumulated rich experience in the theory and practice of block chain technology.


In the future, ALL will implement a completely decentralized platform, any participant can create their own blockchain for free and zero cost.

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