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An education platform for 20 million Angel wheel financing, with a best domain name our.top

The emergence of online learning enables people to acquire knowledge more conveniently, saving time and effort, and has won the favor of many users. Various platforms continue to appear in the public view. In recent years, an online education platform called "dream cube job hunting" in China has enabled our.top.


Dream cube is a job search agency for college students to find a good job. As an Internet enterprise for the development of Internet Education and big data in the industry. The dream cube is based on the "new generation Internet, big data and AI", focusing on curriculum, resources and service capabilities, providing career development services for the "20-30 year old" youth.


The dream cube has brought together more than 400 famous teachers in various industries, focusing on fast elimination, consulting, Internet and more than 500 strong enterprises. The group has covered most of the famous 985, 211 colleges in China and foreign famous schools and has reached strategic cooperation with famous universities such as Beijing University, Qinghua and Fudan. Thousands of students have been trained to get the offer of famous enterprises of various industries.


Our.top is a domain name of words, not only easy to remember, but meaning is positive. It also showa the strength of the platform . According to the platform leader, the choice of our.top is the meaning of "we are the best".


It is reported that the dream cube has won 20 million yuan of angel wheel financing. For the newly established Internet brand, a good domain name is the beginning of brand building. It can set up a good corporate image for the platform, and then help to promote products and services, get more traffic and ultimately enhance brand value. Hopefully, with the help of our.top, it can accelerate the development of the dream cube platform and serve more users.  

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