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Three-letter domain name is really popular and bcj.top has been used for website

Since the period of time, bitcoin, block chain is quite hot now. The related domain name has been rising and received great attention. Especially within terminal, this kind of domain name meets the terminal demand, the rate of construction website application is very high. Recently, a three-letter domain name, bcj.top was launched and built into a digital currency community called "BiCaiJing", which combines information and forum functions.


bcj.top was registered on August 2017. The domain name corresponds directly to the first letter of "BiCaiJing", which is not only convenient for users to remember and access, but also has high brand consistency, which helps to publicize and promote websites and enhance website traffic. At the moment of the digital currency all over the world, the value of a good domain name is very important.


BiCaiJing is a platform for users to provide digital currency exchange. In addition to obtaining the latest digital currency information, users can also post their own high-quality articles and submit their own WeChat and Alipay Rewards Rewards QR Codes to gain profits. In addition, BiCaiJing platform can also learn the knowledge of economics, block chain and other related knowledge, and help to improve personal ability. It is reported that, in addition to the three - letter domain name bcj.top, the BiCaiJing team recently acquired a two - letter domain name go.top.


Bitcoin and block chain are all the recent hot topics. Under the driving of hot spots, the related domain names will become more and more popular. Many popular domain.top domains are registered and enabled, these domains will have greater appreciation potential and development potential.

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