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Any loopholes on your site? kls.top helps you solve security problems.

With the development of the Internet, the importance of information security has become increasingly prominent, whatever fishing sites or various types of security attacks to individuals and businesses have brought distress. The emergence of information security products cater to the market demand, coupled with the promotion of policy, the degree of attention and heat of information security continues to rise.


Not long ago, Shanghai KLS information security technology company launched a product KLS, and specially equipped with a brand name kls.top for the product. At present, the domain name has been activated.


According to the person in charge of the total introduction of the company Mr Yan , kls.top is mainly used for information security decision support system, the platform of vulnerability data threat data to provide intelligent algorithms, while compatible with the market mainstream scanning engine.


Mr Yan also mentioned that enabling kls.top to build platforms is not only because the domain name is highly consistent with the brand, but also the.Top domain name is consistent with the positioning of its products. In contrast, kls.top is finally selected.


It is common for users to purchase a domain name for a product. What is reflected behind it is the value of the terminal to the brand assets. Previously, SuNing registered biu.top for SuNing BIU store, Amazon registered registered kindle.top for its e-book product Kindle, Google registered gmail.top for mailbox products, etc.


.top domain name is not only convenient for user to remember and input, but also helpful for promotion and publicity, which has good commercial value and is favored by investors and end users. Besides kls.top, jsz.top, hdw.top and qmx.top, many three letter .top domain names are enabled.


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