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Another one letter domain p.top has been used for website!

One letter domain name is the boutique domain name, the quantity is scarce and it is always the focus of user’ eyeball.Whether in the investment market or the application market, is very popular. After t.top, a new one letter domain name was launched, p.top was built for the website of Bitcoin Pizza.


Bitcoin Pizza. Bitcoin pizza is using of DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology in bitcoins. DAG network is characterized by more transactions and faster identification. The bitcoin pizza has given DAG a massive user base of bitcoin, including the exchange, wallet and other infrastructure, which is a perfect niche for bitcoin. The Bitcoin Pizza team consists of a group of investors, entrepreneurs and developers with experience and influence in the domestic and overseas blockchain.


P is the first letter of Pizza. For users without the difficulty of memory and input.It can be of great help to improve website traffic and help the spread and promotion of brand. In addition, p.top is rare and expensive, enabling one letter domain name p.top proves the company's strength.


is an extremely glorious year for bitcoin, From less than $1,000 to the $20,000 mark, bitcoin has been dubbed "digital gold" by many commentators. The popularity of bitcoin not only stimulates the production of trading and application platforms, but also stimulates the demand of the terminal and investors for related domain names. From 2017 to 2018, t.top,hb. top, bc.top. ent.top,coin.top and ect. Many .top domains were bought by the terminal.t.top and hb. top were used for the website construction.Now one letter domain name p.top is enabled too.


.top domain name is very popular in the bitcoin circle. .top domain name as the scarce resource of the Internet,the future will definitely become the target of terminal competition.

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