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Domain name is brand? bio. top did it!

BIOTOP, a professional ecological landscape company in Austria and was founded in 1985.BIOTOP is engaged in the natural swimming pool and construction of ecological landscape pool. They advocated the harmony between men and nature. Check www.bio.top to see their beautiful and ecological ponds.


Over the past 30 years, BIOTOP has built more than 5000 landscape pools and swimming pools. BIOTOP has chosen bio.top which is most suitable for its own brand as its main domain name, penetrating the harmony concept of products into their domain name and creating intimacy.


bio.top is a perfect combination of brand and domain name, while users see BIOTOP, naturally think of the site bio.top. From the their choice of domain name, BIOTOP totally understand that "domain name is the brand". Reflecting their attention to their network brand.Really smart


As a company focused on ecology, BIOTOP has been committed to shaping the water environment. Offering more fun to the water that is inseparable in life, it becomes a reality that the courtyard have a heavenly water environment, get a lot of user's praise.


With the help of bio. top, BIOTOP will further expand its brand advantage in the industry competition.


Brand names, no matter what the characters should be corresponding to their own brand at first time. directly and simple and easy to let the target customer remember.It can play twice the result with half effort in the brand promotion. A new domain like bio. top attracts people's attention.


So domain name is brand and bio. top did it!

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