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Ensuring network information security,.TOP Registry is working hard

In order to ensure the safety of network information during the "NPC &CPPCC" in China.On March 7th, 2018, Lee Mingjie Lee,Deputy Director of Nanjing Bureau of Public Security and the leader of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, Ye Zhiming, Zhang Hui, Wang Jun and Chen Bin came to .TOP Registry for research and guidance.Gotten Yang,Vice President of .TOP Registry, and the leader of the Technology Director Shen Yifeng entertained them.


Mr Lee first visited .TOP Registry and listened to the introduction of .top domain name. Mr Lee has highly affirmed the achievements made by .TOP Registry in recent years.The two sides have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the specific issues related to the Internet information security, and make relevant deployment on the follow-up work.


At the meeting, The VP of .TOP Registry Gotten Yang reported the implementation of the daily network security precaution of .TOP Registry. From the two aspects of daily management and technology protection,Gotten introduced the details and division of work to the network information security of .TOP Registry.


After hearing the report, the research group affirmed the work done by .TOP Registey in the aspect of network security, and deployed the network security work during the "NPC &CPPCC".At the end of the conference, the Deputy Director Mr Lee concluded that the network information security is very important, .TOP Registry as Jiangsu's outstanding top-level domain operation management mechanism, to strengthen the management of network security “NPC & CPPCC” period, to further play the role of police enterprises linkage, mutual promotion of Internet information security towards a harmonious and orderly development.


.TOP Registry as a domain name operation and management organization, we always pay great attention to network information security. We will strengthen work measures and refine the process, to jointly guarantee network information security with Nanjing Network Security Team.

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