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nbw.top was enabled by mobile promotion platform

The investment value and terminal station rate of three-letter domain name are very good.The domain name with "w" has always been a favorite type of investor and terminal. Recently, nbw.top was activated by a mobile promoter called ‘NiuBoWang’.


It is reported that NiuBoWang is a platform for matching advertisement publishers and owners of advertising resources. It has various media resources, such as public transportation, community, high-speed rail, subway, radio, television and online media. The platform makes the resources fragmented, low - priced, and fully integrates the idle period and the void period. Besides, the platform also carries creative marketing methods such as "AR treasure hunt", "shake PK competition" and "password red envelope", so as to help advertisers to increase on-site traffic and increase sales conversion rate.


Obviously, nbw.top directly corresponds to the meaning of ‘NiuBoWang’ and has a high degree of brand fit. For the main cattle promotion king, a good brand domain name not only helps to promote itself, but also helps improve users’ experience.


In recent years, with the further application of computer technology and multimedia technology, the new media form represented by the Internet, mobile Internet and outdoor electronic media has been spawning, which has intensified the competition among platforms. The domain name as a cornerstone of the Internet platform, is one of the important ways to get traffic, enterprises tend to be ahead of the layout, a broadcast domain is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, more likely to allow enterprises to win the competition in the starting line.


Since .top domain name was available to register, it has provided high quality domain name resources for many end-users. At present, the number of domain names in the domestic website is ranked fourth. In the future, we believe that there will be more and more cases in which .top domain is enabled by terminals.

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