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Medical terminal enables three - letter domain name cug.top

Internet medical consumption upgrading and national health become the current national strategy. It has entered the golden era. Tencent, Alibaba and other giants have entered the market. All kinds of entrepreneurial projects have sprung up like mushrooms and grabbed every niche market. The increase in the number of platforms has attracted the attention of relevant domain names.Rencently, the three - letter domain name cug.top was enabled by a medical terminal.


The platform which used cug.top is called "Everyone's Urology". It was founded in August 23th, 2017. It is sponsored by the famous international experts. It is committed to provide users with accurate and reliable information about medical science. cug.top can be regarded as the abbreviation of "China Urology Doctor Group". The meaning and brand are compared and it is a very short domain name, which is more convenient in input access, and helps to enhance user experience and enhance brand image.


In the application, short domain names have certain advantages, three letter domain name is not only short, and moderate price, and most enterprises corresponding to the name, so this kind of domain name in the market are very popular. Such as: iqc.top, wiz.top, kol.top and other three letter domain name were all enabled.


In recent years, with the integration of medical industry and cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, networking and other new generation of information technology, which restricted the development of the industry to solve the pain points of medical resources was enlarged, With the help of cug.top , the urinary platform can help more and more users to solve their health problems.

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