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kindle.top was registered by Amazon

Today, the domain name is more and more important during the process of enterprises’ development. A good domain name brings a lot of value to the enterprise more than the registration price.


Kindle is an e-book reader (and software platform) designed and sold by Amazon. The first Kindle, launched on November 19th, 2007, allows users to buy, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other electronic media via a wireless network.


Amazon also has a free kindle app, such as the kindle app we can use on a computer or an ipad . In the United States, we can easily buy a lot of books on the kindle, check wikipedia for free and download various video and audio files.Amazon registered kindle .top which shows Amazon paid great attention to their brand protection and reflects its business-sensitive and visionary.


Beside Amazson, Chanel, Google, Baidu, Rolex, Casio and other well-known brands are also registered their brand-related. top domain names. .top domain name has became more and more well-known.


For big brands, branding is life. Especially in the rapid development of the Internet, the importance of brand is no less than the logo. Domain name as the best carrier of network brand is becoming more and more important. A good.top domain name may help you save 90% of your advertising dollars and expand your brand's influence. Becoming an enduring advantage in market competition.


Since .top was available, .top has been favored by more and more end users. I believe

that there will be more and more enterprises choose .top domain name in the future.

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