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hashworld.top was enabled

When it comes to the current popularity, the block chain will occupy one seat. More and more industry bigwigs are beginning to enter the block chain. From Baidu, NetEase, Tencent and 360 now, Xiaomi has launched its own block chain products. Recently, a block chain game called the Hash world has announced that it had received $2 million in pre-a round investment, its official website is hashworld.top.


"Hash world" was founded in January 2018, is a block chain gaming platform, here, you can play games to "dig", so as to get free COINS and other high quality digital currency; Here, you can invest in virtual land, blockchain guarantees your permanent property. Becoming a blockchain version of the richest man in the Hash world!


Hash world's official network domain name hashworld.top is highly targeted, the meaning is also easy to understand and help the promotion of the platform. It is reported that the number of users in the Hash world has exceeded 600 thousand, which is very bright for a newly launched online platform. It also reflects the positive role of domain names in brand communication and website drainage.


With blockchain and Bitcoin becoming newcomers, not only the prices of relevant domain names have risen, but also increase the number of applications. After all, the establishment of a platform is inseparable from domain name, which is the most direct and effective entry point for the Internet. In addition to hashworld.top, there are many domains such as t.top, all.top, and btc.top that were registered and enabled.


Besides game, supply chain finance, cultural entertainment and so on are also the favorite application scenarios of block chain. With the diversification trend of block chain application scenarios, it seems to be a good opportunity for the domain name market.

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