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hmi.top received an invitation from the President

In the Internet age, the importance of domain names has become increasingly prominent. In addition to investment and website building, the brand benefits brought by domain names can not be underestimated, driving more and more companies to regard domain names as an integral part of brand upgrading. Recently, a company called Hemp Investment Group Co., Ltd.(HMI Group) engaged in industrial hemp launched hmi.top, replacing the original domain name hmico.cn to become the new domain name of the official website.


Hemp Investment Group Co., Ltd.(HMI Group) is committed to promoting the industrial revolution of biomass to replace minerals and becoming the world leader in hemp industry. For years, HMI Group has made positive contribution to promote the industrial hemp development in China and outstanding achievements in setting the industry standards and norms.


HMI Group focuses on hemp whole industrial chain investment, in the area of planting, extraction, R & D, production and sales of industrial hemp related products worldwide, covering bio-pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, textile fiber, composite materials, biomass, etc. In the meantime


When it comes to hemp, many people will surely avoid it. However, industrial hemp is different from cannabis narcotics. It is a hemp approved for legal planting. It is widely used in many fields such as textile, medicine, sanitation, construction, and decoration.


According to whois information, hmi.top was registered in February 2018. This domain name corresponds to the English language of HMI Group. It is not only short and easy to remember but also easy to input. It is superior to the original domain name in terms of brand fit, which helps brand spread and enhance the brand image.


According to the Chairman of HMI Group, Tan Xin disclosed that recently he received the invitation of Serbian President Alexander Vu?i? and the President invited HMI Group to bring technology and industry to Serbia and the President also arranged the ambassador Milan Bachevic, to meet HMI Group. Mr Tan said that he will visit Serbia in May.


Being able to get the presidents invitation is enough to prove the extraordinary strength of HMI Group. It is hoped that with the help of hmi.top, HMI Group can bring good products and brand experiences to users in the global market and further enhance brand awareness.

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