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Block chain + AI, MOZI enabled mozi.top and released black technology Robot.

Artificial intelligence and block chain, two of the most popular technologies, leading the innovation of almost all industries. What will happen if these two technologies are combined? Recently, an artificial Intelligent Company named "MOZI" launched a Robort called "MOZI NO1 " , which combines artificial intelligence and block chain technology. The company's official website domain name is mozi.top.


"The soul of a brand is the core value of the brand," Mr. Li wei, President of MOZI, said at the press conference. "the core value of MOZI is to explore and make breakthroughs." The domain name mozi.top is consistent with the values of MOZI , expressing its dedication to breakthrough beliefs and craftsmanship, it also fits well with the brand. Perhaps this is the main reason MOZI to choose mozi.top.


MOZI No. 1 robot launched by MOZI at this conference uses the combination of artificial intelligence and block chain technology. Artificial intelligence and blockchain have accelerated the pace of industry innovation and caused fundamental changes in many fields. The combination of the two may make the industry redefined.


The chairman of MOZI Mr JuGePing said at the news conference, that the birth of MOZI conforms to the needs of the development of the times. Block chain, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and intelligent hardware have become the vane of future world development, and their ubiquitous application scenarios are destined to have unlimited market space.


It is reported that Mr Ju also registered  kaicai. top, tianyan.top and tianhai.top. According to Mr Ju ,the three domains will be used for the development of new projects. When will these three domain names come online, let us wait and see.

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