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Transfer policy

1.Domain transfer:Transfer domain from registrars A to registrars B

2.Transfer Authorities the Administrative Contact and the Registered Name Holder, as listed in the Losing Registrar's or applicable Registry's (where available) publicly accessible WHOIS service are the only parties that have the authority to approve or deny a transfer request to the Gaining Registrar. In the event of a dispute, the Registered Name Holder's authority supersedes that of the Administrative Contact.

3.Obligation of Registrar A: Registrars A need to provide a transfer password unconditionally after confirming the user's identity.

4.Upon denying a transfer request for any of the following reasons, the registrar A must must provide the Registered Name Holder and he registrar B with the reason for denial. The registrar A may deny a transfer request only in the following specific instances::

(1)Evidence of fraud

(2)UDRP action

(3)Court order by a court of competent jurisdiction

(4)Reasonable dispute over the identity of the Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact

(5)No payment for previous registration period (including credit card charge-backs) if the domain name is past its expiration date or for previous or current registration periods if the domain name has not yet expired.

(6)Express objection to the transfer by the authorized Transfer Contact.

(7)Domain name is in the "locked" state(registrar must remove the lock or provide a reasonably accessible method for the authorized Transfer Contact to remove the lock within five 5 calendar days)

(8)The transfer was requested within 60 days of the creation date

(9)A domain name is within 60 days (or a lesser period to be determined) after being transferred

5.Instances when the requested change of Registrar A may not be denied include, but are not limited to:

(1)Nonpayment for a pending or future registration period

(2)No response from the Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact.

(3)Domain name registration period time constraints, other than during the first 60 days of initial registration or during the first 60 days after a registrar transfer.

(4)Domain status is normal

(5)remove the limitation on transfer when a domain name is expiring in 15 days

(5.1)When sending the transfer request before the expiration date,the domain name will auto-renewal if the transfer is not yet transfer successfully,then it will enter the Auto-Renew Grace Period, the domain name expiration date will be extended for one year

(5.2)When succeed in transferring domain during the Auto-Renew Grace Period

(domain-transfer-approve or domain-server-approve operation time is within the automatic renewal period)

1.The system will refund the auto- renewal fee for the registrar A while deduct the costs of the transfer of registrar B

2.domain name enter the Redemption Grace Period (RGP)

3.The expiration date of the domain name will not be extended for another year because of the success of the transfer during Auto-Renew Grace Period

(5.3)When succeed in transferring domain during the Redemption Grace Period( domain-transfer-approve or domain-server-approve operation time points outside the automatic renewal period)

1)The system will not refund the auto-renewal fee for registrar A because it has passed the Auto- renewal period

2)The system will deduct the transfer fee for registrar B and the validity period of the domain name will be extended for another one year.

(5.4)If the transfer operation is initiated within 5 days prior to the end of the Auto-Renew Grace Period , it is possible that the transfer can not be completed because registrar A may operate clientapproved ,but serverapproved

6.Transfer fee: When domain transfer, the user need to extended expiration date for another year.

Example of section 5.2

Domain abc.top, the expiration date at 2017-05-03

1).Registrar B initiates a transfer request at 2017-05-02;

2).Domain is auto-renewal successfully in 2017-05-03,enter Auto-Renew Grace Period. The expiration of domain will extend for one year and become May 3rd,2018;

3).Registrar B agreed to transfer request in 2017-05-05, the domain expiration date is still at May 3rd, 2018,

Note: Auto-Renew Grace Period(45 days). The end of Auto-Renew Grace Period of abc.top is at 2017-6-18

Example of Section 5.3

Domain abc.top expiration date is 2017-05-03,

1).Domain succeed in auto-renewal in May 3rd,2017 ,then enter Auto-Renew Grace Period. the expires of domain will extend for one year and become May 3rd,2018

2).Registrar B initiates a transfer request at June 6,2017( on the 43 day of Auto-Renew Grace Period)

3).Registrar A agreed to the transfer request in 2017-06-19,then the expiration date of domain will extended to 2019-05-03.

4).The system will not refund the auto-renewal fees for registrar A as reaching to expiration of Auto-Renew Grace Period.

Note: Auto-Renew Grace Period(45 days). The end of Auto-Renew Grace Period of abc.top is at 2017-6-18

DNSSEC Practice Statement (DPS)

Transition Period for DNSSEC secret key of .TOP(English) The KSK secret key of .TOP TLD, will enter into the period for transition on December 1st, 2018, according to the DNSSEC Practice Statement (DPS) for .TOP domain name. The old KSK secret key (Key ID: 18451) will be removed from zone on December 19th, 2018 at 10:00 (Beijing time). If the recursive server you manage (or part of the browsers) enables DNS verification by using .TOP domain name as a trust anchor (using trusted-keys command), please remove the trust anchor configuration of .TOP domain name in the recursive server before December 19th, 2018 at 10:00 (Beijing time), and Set up the new KSK secret key as the trust anchor. To maintain the continuity of recursive server service, please restart it after the invalidation of relevant recording buffer of old KSK secret key. The following is the information for the new KSK public key (Key ID: 56384) of .TOP domain name: DNSKEY top. 3600 IN DNSKEY 257 3 8 AwEAAal8fzHFBf9R4ROwT1Ni7AdpHR0zZoY7mG21zBpmNwCHuzgXWj3DATKTaFHBPa3pJSMTBEishH2JLmN+p3Jzp8Ehbib2QZXtPH

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