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Please go to whois.nic.top and check the years registrant purchased after registration. The expired year shown in whois database is based on transaction. If there is any incorrect information in whois database,please do not hesitate to contact the registrar or agency and ask them to revises the issue for protecting legitimate interest.
Configuring DNS needs to be done after registration to use domain name. The methods of how to configure DNS are following:
I configure DNS through registrar DNS server.(recommend)
II configure DNS through registrant own DNS server.
To protect registrant legitimate interest and ensure information of registration is valid,accurate and integrated,registrant will be reminded as following:
1. to check registration information in whois database through whois.nic.top.
2. to contact registrar if registration informtaion is changed.
3. to protect the password as this password is the only identification for business.
4. to ensure communication between registrar and registrant is comfortable.


1. what is Sunrise Period?

Accord to ICANN policy, Sunrise Period is for those who holds tradmark and store in TMCH(Trademark ClearingHouse)database to register domain name prior to general registrant

2. How to apply TMCH?

you may contact local agency,please seehttp://trademark-clearinghouse.com/ for more information.

3. who can join Sunrise Period?

According to ICANN policy,only trademark holders(or called registrant in this case)who are verified by TMCH and hold valid SMD(Signed Mark Data)file generated by TMCH can register domain name during Sunrise Period

4. Sunrise Period start date?

we will update start date as long as it is decided

5. Will Bangning directly accept application in Sunrise registration?

Registrant needs to register domain name through registrar. Registry such as Bangning Technology will not directly accept application.Please see the list of registrar http://www.nic.top/partner.asp.

6. will registrants be certainly successful to achieve domain name they desire in Sunrise registration?

Registry will allocate domain name for registrant based on FCFS(first come first serve)basis if two or more registrants apply this domain name.

7. How many years for registration in Sunrise Period?

Registrant needs to decide how many years to keep domain name when registration in Sunrise Period(or pay for the expiration).Maximum is 10 years

8. What fees need be paid for registration?

Please contact your registrar for more details

9. Can registrant revoke my domain name and get refund even if I successfully registered?

Please contact your registrar for more information

10. How does registrant know that I successfully registered my domain names

After sequence quiet phase,registrant may find result by WHOIS. Here is the linkhttp://www.nic.top/Whois.asp

11. Will registry complete allocation in sequence quiet phase?

Yes. if there is any information,it will be updated on website

12. What documents should registrant submit?

SMD(Signed Mark Data) file in accordance with domain name label

13. When should regisrant submit documents?

Registrant should submit document in registration

14. What should registrant do after successfully registered a domain name?

No need further operation.

15. Can registrant apply domain name in Sunrise Period without TMCH?

Sorry,registrant cannot apply domain name in Sunrise Period without TMCH. They may apply TMCH now or apply domain name in General Registraion if the domain name has not been allocated.

16. Can registrant immediately query domain name by WHOIS afer registration?

Sorry,after sequence quiet phase,registrant may query domain name by WHOIS http://www.nic.top/Whois.html

17. Can registrant startup domain name after successfully applied?


18. When registrant get refund after sequence quiet phase if they are not allocated with domain name?

Please contact your registrar for query

19. How registrants apply domain name if it shows limited registration in WHOIS database but they hold SMD file?

Sorry,they cannot apply domain name

20. How to resolve dispute in Sunrise Period?

Challenges to Sunrise Registrations on the following grounds may be filed with National Arbitration Forum (“Forum”) in accordance with the SDRP(Please see http://domains.adrforum.com/main.aspx?itemID=1922

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